The magnitude of the problem The cold chain or perishable supply chain is that part of the global supply chain that is responsible for transporting goods that are perishable in nature, have a limited shelf-life or tend to lose their potency if the prescribed conditions of transportation are not met. Many vaccines can lose potency if exposed for prolonged periods to temperatures beyond the recommended range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Food items having
One of the promises of ‘immutable’ blockchain is the removal of human-error from governance, the agency which was single-handedly responsible for the biggest of historical blunders in the past century or so. In theory, blockchain is a digital entry of records in ‘blocks’, with each of the next-block attached to the previous one to form an unending series of chain. Storing the data on a blockchain not only provides a single view of the truth
Modern-day supply chains have resulted in the creation of a globalized world of inter-connected commerce, far beyond anything that the previous generations could have imagined. Indeed the very marvels of global supply chain and logistics industry are providing impetus to growth through trade and commerce, which in itself is fuelled further by consumption and knack for market production. But with all this comes unprecedented complexity, featuring cooperation between multiple parties for transportation of goods around
The blockchain is a fairly new technology and that too of a disruptive nature. Companies around the world are curiously probing the conceptual implementation of blockchain technology’s use cases for enhancing business capacity. The technology is theoretically capable at least of extending any company’s digital transformation beyond its four walls, and into the processes, it shares with suppliers, customers and partners. The novel technology of blockchain has the potential to reduce costs along with curbing
In the last few years, we have witnessed a few biggest frauds in the banking and financial sector worldwide. Either with $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt, Lehman’s bankruptcy filing or the $1.8 billion Indian bank loan fraud in recent years was the big eye-opener. Federal Services Royal Commission (Australia) found that the Home Loans were being given based on fraudulent documents and recently, CNBC has reported* Mortgage fraud risk jumped more