Blockchain Enabled Preventive Maintenance Solution for Fire Protection Doors

Blockchain Enabled Preventive Maintenance Solution for Fire Protection Doors

Enable incorruptible decentralized maintenance logs and automated preventive maintenance report to provide better service


We have created a Blockchain Enabled Preventive Maintenance Solution for Fire Protection Doors

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Equipments /Assets

About Client:

The Client is a leading facility management company in Germany and exclusive partner of an airline, an international reference in the aerospace sector.

Objective of the Solution:

Maintenance logs keep regulating between manufacturers, traders, service providers, and airlines. These take up a lot of time and are prone to errors if entries go wrong at any point. Blockchain technology can remove the need for complex databases and paper binders and enable airlines to manage a single record of provenance that would be instantly available to all the authorized people. With this, maintenance events could be set priorly and this information would be available on the aircraft maintenance record which will save time, improve maintenance and ensure safety.
The objective of the Project is to change the level of digital interconnectivity between our client, the facility management team and the Maintenance Obligations of fire-protection doors and automatic-door locking systems handled in by the airline to digitally interconnect the maintenance teams and to better enable cross-platform, multi-directional communication between the involved companies.

Our Solution:

The Client and Our partner company MTC have deployed and are currently implementing a strategic and periodic maintenance system the purpose to foster, implement and interconnect the their Facility Management Team with a highly mobile and real-time maintenance solution on Ethereum Blockchain to check and maintain the highly complex systems of fire-protection doors and automatic-door locking systems to assure maximum safety for the Facilities they manage and maintain.

The client and its contracted affiliates are engaged with the preventive maintenance and facility management of the fire protection doors and the connected system of fire-alarms and locking mechanism (a total of around 8500 Equipments / Assets) for the Airline’s Operations in Germany.

The field force and service management solution engineered by MTC enabled the client to absolutely validate if and when the required periodic maintenance of the fire prevention system has been performed and completed. Also, does the software indicate clearly which of many thousands of assets in question have been periodically maintained already and or which ones have been in need of further maintenance or repair work.

Maintenance logbooks are stored and validated by entries into the blockchain to enable the maintenance of an incorruptible digital ledger of relevant maintenance transactions that have taken place.