Blockchain Development Services

POC Development

Develop comprehensive POCs to test ideas in real business scenarios to identify gaps and test functionalities of the project.

Blockchain Consulting

Technology Consultancy to customers in reviewing their processes and possible adoption of Blockchain for greater benefits

Use Case Consulting and Development

Advisory on Use Case identification, definition and development to review and validate Blockchain as a solution

Smart Contracts Development

Write & Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in Blocklchain network.

Smart Contracts Audit

Audit of existing Smart Code to help client in optimizing the Smart Contract’s code

Blockchain DApp Development

Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. We can help you choosing which of your processes are suitable for this technology.

Wallet Development

Development of decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets over blockchain

ICO Strategy and Development

ICO – Concept Building, White Paper Preparation, Tokenomics, Token Development

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Industry specific Blockchain Solutions
Development Services
Integration Services
Testing Services

Blockchain Integration with Enterprise Applications

Solutions for integration of Blockchain Apps with enterprise applications

DreamzChain Blockchain Platform

Scalable and asset agnostic platform that enables ready–to–onboard permissioned network

Our Approach for POC Development

Needs analysis & solution pre-selection

Problem definition; Internal analysis of needs and requirements definition

  • Identify the scope of requirements of Blockchain initiative
  • Understand in detail how the client on-boarding is done today
  • Define solution boundaries and fine-tune PoC scope
  • Identify relevant Blockchain systems and processes

Preliminary Impact assessment

POC Preparation

  • Discuss Blockchain approach
  • Define KPIs
  • Plan PoC in detail (define objectives, project planning)
  • Identification of impacts on business processes
  • Validation by stakeholders

Impact Analysis & POC Preparation

Business, IT, and Operational impact of solution adoption

  • Assess impacts at Company level functioning for:
    • Processes
    • On-boarding format
    • IT
    • Costs & investments
  • Assessed solution versus defined KPIs

POC Development

Develop the use case functioning based on the selected option

  • Develop client solution on Blockchain
  • Document findings
  • Challenge the technical robustness of the solutions
  • Run testing and solution validation
  • Define and evaluate governance options for this solution: collaborative platform management

Our Blockchain Experience in Financial Services Industry

Capital Markets and Investment Banking

  • Corporate Finance: Initial Public Offerings, Private Equity
  • Structured Finance: Syndicated Loans, Leveraged Loans
  • Stock Exchange Market Infrastructure
  • Clearing and Settlement

Commercial and Retail Banking

  • Trade Finance: Supply Chain documentation, invoicing and payments
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Collateral Reconciliation
  • Loans and Crowdfunding
  • Crypto Lending


  • Automated Claims Processing in motor insurance, crop insurance etc
  • Fraud Prevention in Luxury Goods
  • New Products: insurance for the sharing economy, autonomous vehicles, P2P insurance etc

DreamzChain Most Important Blockchain Focus

Blockchain Research and Analysis

As a part of Blockchain Research & Development DreamzTech architected many use cases and PoCs across industries on Hyperledger, Ethereum & Corda

POC Building

DreamzTech offers a unique setting for POC elaboration

Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain consulting process comprises of below steps:
Understanding the present process and create use cases, Solution Designing, POC

Solutions or Products development on Blockchain

DreamzTech offers a range of solutions and services

Team of Blockchain Experts accelerates Blockchain Development

DreamzTech is expanding its team of Blockchain and accelerates Blockchain practice Ramp –up to meet pressing demands