Blockchain based Asset Tracking Solution

Enable Trust, Transparency & Greater Efficiency Across the Supply Chain Ecosystem


We have developed blockchain based asset management application targeting the Brewery industry

Enabled Automation
1.7 million+
long-term rental casks and kegs maintained

About Client:

The Client is a specialist division of a UK based leading merchant banking group and part of FTSE 100. The client provides brewery rental solutions to large brewery companies which include ECasks and Craft EKegs, long term and short term cask and keg rental and container maintenance and refurbishment.

Problem Statement:

Client wanted to transform their supply chain management for tracking of Kegs and Casks to make it more efficient and less costly and they wanted to create a trustable environment between all the parties by providing blockchain based unified platform to reduce fraud, theft, and loss as well mechanism to generate predictive analytics reports

Our Solution:

With Blockchain IoT based Asset Tracking Platform, we provided a solution to automate the process of keg tracking and managing their kegs efficiently. It enables the assets to integrate with business processes in a shared and immutable ledger – increasing trust and transparency across ecosystems.
Blockchain IoT based Asset Tracking Platform identifies each keg/Casks uniquely and its contents, and captures important data throughout its journey in the supply chain. Using the blockchain enabled the system, breweries are getting accurate, up-to-date information and reports on keg fill, status, movement, customer location, returns, keg repair, and maintenance. The solution helped the customer to improve visibility, provide analysis, and engage users through devices to automate and streamline business processes, and minimize delays, waste, and disputes in their supply chain.
We developed Asset Tracking Platform over Hyperledger based private blockchain framework this approach removes the need for intermediaries, while also validating, recording and coordinating transactions autonomously. The solution enables client to create smart contracts to enhance transparency in their supply chain by recording the provenance of assets such as Kegs and Casks.


  • Our solution provided better Transparency, Authenticity and anti-counterfeiting, Fast/Real Time Transaction Settlement, Provenance Tracking in the Supply Chain
  • Client is able to generate truthful data based on which we will be generating various kind of reports
  • Since this solution was built up over blockchain, client is able to share data with more security and able to create trusted ecosystem where all involved parties can rely upon